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We help our clients pinpoint complex challenges and opportunities to achieve highly optimized technological and management solutions, with confidence and precision. We take a transformative approach to drawing on our core competencies, experiences and strategic insights for our client needs.

Patent and Trademark Office

Department of Housing & Urban Development

Department of Labor

Department of the Treasury

Department of Health & Human Services

Small Business Administration

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission


Federal Government

Increasingly, the Federal Government is evolving and looking for innovative technologies to modernize legacy environments to meet the dynamic needs of our citizens. We recognize that Federal agencies are unique, broad and complex. Therefore, World Services team brings an unparalleled breadth and depth of public sector experience by; scaling agile implementation for intricate government projects through multidisciplinary approach; re-engineering technology to modernize IT infrastructure; bridging the gap between business and technology sides to work harmoniously; implementing Digital Supply Networks (DSN) to transform linear supply chains into interrelated and scalable systems; and integrating technology and human experience into an augmented workforce. With World Services support, you can leverage massive data and new technologies to achieve sustainable outcomes and agency mission.


Each day, Commercial enterprises must respond to the market pressure and meet the changing customer needs. As Big Data continues to grow in volume and velocity, we realize that commercial organizations must build a data-centric culture that utilizes mission analytics to promotes evidence-based decision making while driving competitiveness in such a global commercial environment. Exponential technological such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), data science, network and computer systems, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and addictive manufacturing continue to redefine how commercial organizations create transformative and tangible value. World Services team is committed to helping commercial enterprises take a proactive approach to incorporating new technologies into their operations to boost efficiency, tackle persistent challenges, implement sustainable solutions.

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